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Sample Inventory
Sample Inventory

The Association of Professional Inventory Providers
The Association of Professional Inventory Providers


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What is an Inventory?

An Inventory is both a list of contents and a schedule of condition within a property at a given time. The Inventory shows both documentary and photographic evidence at the commencement of the tenancy.

Why is an Inventory required?

However well a tenant looks after a property, it stands to reason that the condition will not be the same at the end of the tenancy as it was at the start. Any tenancy agreement will provide for fair wear and tear and will also make the tenant liable for breakages, missing items or damage to the property, which are in excess of ‘fair wear and tear’. Although there is no legal requirement to obtain an Inventory, due to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme requirements, it will be almost impossible for a landlord to withhold a deposit without one. An Inventory is required to substantiate condition in the case of a dispute and this may be required as evidence in a court of law. The inventory must be robust and defensible it is to be held up as a proper indicator of the facts.

The Inventory Process

Our Inventory specialists record all internal features of a property, providing photographic and documentary evidence where required. The fabric and contents of the property are accurately recorded to provide a document which is essential to the landlord and the tenant.

Full Inventory - The condition of the property is recorded immediately before the start of the tenancy. Ideally decorations should be refreshed, carpets cleaned, fittings and contents in good repair, no outstanding work required.
Check in - completed immediately when the tenant takes possession. Tenant goes through the inventory and signs to accept (or amend) it.
Check out - completed just before the tenant moves out. The inventory provider records condition variances from the check in and tenant signs to accept.
Intermediate Inspections - an interim inspection may be required by some landlords to ensure the condition of the property is maintained and that the tenant is abiding by the terms of the tenancy.

Energy Assessors Nottingham Ltd is accredited by APIP (Association of Professional Inventory Providers) for the delivery of professional inventories.

Our customers benefit from:

Full Professional Indemnity Insurance & Public Liability Insurance A team of Independent Inventory Specialists
Evening and weekend Inventories at no extra cost
A local Nottinghamshire company
Fully CRB checked
Extensive coverage - Nottinghamshire
Collection of keys from business premises
Members of The Association of Professional Inventory Providers