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EAN House
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Exterior Photo

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Entrance Hall



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Property Photography

Energy Assessors Nottingham Ltd provides a full professional property photography service.   Photographs are a key factor in the decision-making process of potential buyers and clients. A professional photograph always creates a strong first impression and gives a marketing edge against your competition. 
Estate/letting agency photographs are often of mediocre quality resulting in the reduction of room size, shaded areas, distortions and general poor image quality. Clients today expect accurate and informative pictures of properties. 

Equipment Used

Our photographers use the highest quality equipment to provide you with the best results possible.  Using a Canon EOS 5D MkII you will benefit from a full frame camera with 21 million megapixels.  A range of lenses are also used:

A professional tripod incorporating three spirit levels ensures that your photos are level and do not distort.  We also use a Canon 580EX II flash with an additional flash where rooms are low in natural light.

Great care is also taken with the angle / light and positioning of the photograph to maximise the best features of the property.

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